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3 x FEC + 3 x taxotere Chemotherapy

By sd

3cm invasive tumour, March 2009
5 nodes removed

3 fec
3 taxotere


  • infusion tingling top of head and genital area
  • Infusion non problematic
  • 3 hours after vomiting all night, nauseous following day occasional wretching but aversion to any smells.
  • Was physically debilitated for about 3 days any activity made things worse
  • Crashing headache day 3
  • Not "with it", clumsy/forgetfull throughout
  • Hair loss 2nd cycle
  • Low white blood count throughout/injections 3 days following infusion
  • diarrhea


  • Infusion non problematic
  • No reaction until 3rd day after fec aching legs no energy particularly low
  • Low white blood count
  • Hospitalised neutropenia
  • Constipation / diarrhea / rectal bleeding
  • Watery eyes

I am hoping the treatment has been effective

Having feared the worst prior to treatment it didnt let me down

Maybe I should have been more assertive in requesting medication for the side effects

I didnt realise just how debilitating chemo would be for me, I was unable to function normally and spent most of the week in bed. I felt pathetic because I read that other women had a bit of indigestion and went back to work the next day.

Toward the end of chemo of was feeling very low/depressed and would have embraced anybody who tried to help/talk/support me whereas during the treatment I did not want to talk or see anyone.

The long term side effects were not really addressed and how can I complain in the scheme of things.

sd is treated in Europe but not in the UK