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Xeloda (capecitabine) followed by

By Rj

Nov.2008 felt a lump in my gland in my neck. Phoned bc clinic and was told to come to clinic next day. Took biopsy and my consultant took it up to lab himself as it was Thurs and he did not want me to worry over the weekend. Went back next day and confirmed positive. Told that chemo would follow but that it was certainly not the end of the road.

Next week had mri head scan and bone scan. Tumours in neck and chest nodes

Dec 2008 started oral chemo, Xeloda(capecitabine). Tiredness and Palmer planter syndrome(hands and feet red and sore) worse symptoms along with stomach acid.

Joined clinical trial but was not given drug,only monitored

After 15 months tumours started fighting back so switched to Sunitinib

Started on 35 mg for 2 months then increased to 50 mg. Very tired,breathless. Currently ongoing.

Through the entire process I have been fully informed and included in my treatment and had the best support .I feel that I could ring my consultant at any time(whether he would be there is another thing as he is so busy but someone would answer)

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