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Scar Management

By c

As plastic surgeons are now heavily involved in reconstruction techniques, there now seems to be a trend towards ensuring the best possible outcome for scars. Before having a recent procedure, I was advised by the surgical nurse to get a GP prescription for a silicone gel sheet called Mepiform.

It is a thin flexible adhesive dressing strip, waterproof and multi-use. This is used 24 hrs a day once the wound is completely healed, building up slowly over a few days to ensure no irritation occurs. The sheet is then used continuously (should be removed for washing once daily) as long as the scar is improving .

It can also treat old scars which are raised or red (hypertrophic/keloidal). Improvement may take many months but I think that an effective treatment for scarring is very helpful when considering a tissue reconstruction where tummy/buttock tissue is taken in order to make a new 'breast'.

The silicone ensures as flat and white a scar as possible given the individual nature of skin's healing properties.

I have also used a gel called Dermatix which is applied daily to scar areas; this flattened a raised scar effectively over a few months. These new treatments are not cheap so it is best to ask for a prescription although they are obtainable easily on the internet. Both these treatments are easy but need to be used longterm for maximum benefit.