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Revision of LD Flap

Feb 2010

by je

I'm back and super happy thanks to Tramadol which seems to have a miracle effect on me. I can't stop smiling and have totally joined the serene "Don't Worry, Be Happy" brigade. Strangely, everyone keeps telling me that I am back to my old self and they are delighted.

Thought my experience may be useful to anyone considering revision. To recap briefly I had on going pain from my immediate LD flap which was done 18 months ago, Autumn 08, by my BS. My pics are in the album under "Manky" so you get an idea of the cosmetic result. It was rock hard and also had the crawly skin and clinging sensations, pressure and throbbing. More than once I regretted having had it done.

Well, on Monday I went for revision with a PS and although there were a few problems post op; BP of 69 over 40, 200 ml haemotoma and so on I can report that I no longer have a clinging creature and it's bliss. It almost feels as though I have finally put down a rather heavy child I have been carrying around for months. Also - may just be the drugs but no weird sensations on leaning forward - no leaping recon- even if I comb my hair!!!

I was booked in for reduction on real breast, change of implant in recon and removal of dog ear. He lippoed the dog ear, decided to change the implant and remove scar tissue so ended up putting a bigger implant in as there was so much skin to be removed it would not have looked good. No reduction on real breast, just repositioning of my nipple (an inch to the left). I will have a slighty pigeon breasted look but it should be okay.

I am taped up in a very fetching plaster corset with peep holes in the nipple areas and this wll stay on for a week. I have taken pics which I will send to the album.

The recon side looks horrid at the moment as the incision to change the implant etc was made around the areola; it now has a sun -ray pleated effect which the ps says will settle as the skin is thin there. The nipple on the other side was moved a bit to the left so it matches where the recon nipple will be, it looks smaller and paler but maybe that's a temporary thing.

Anyway - cosmetics aside and hopefully my comfort is not just due to the Tramadol, I'm glad I had it done. Still desperately want a nipple and that will be a while yet. But I am actually feeling quite positive - hope it is not post op euphoria again (was like this after M-op) because life without leaping and clinging seems possible.

Day 14 - the corset is off and I can breathe again! There isn't much bruising but I will be sporting steristrips for another week. The incisions are a bit scary - anchor shaped cuts around the areola, down the middle and under the good boob; smaller incision and areola scar on the recon. The fold under the recon has been restored and it is now level with my real breast. I've been told to wash with water and reapply steristrips daily till day 21. Thereafter I'm to massage the scars daily for 2 years. I'm apprehensive about touching them but much less so than when I had mx. I couldn't look at the original mx and recon for 6 months, let alone touch it.

As if by magic the areola sun ray effect pleating is settling - not smooth yet but better. The incisions under the boobs are quite painful and I'm a bit achy - but not nearly as bad as when I had the original op. I think it's partly because it's a smaller op but also because it is less traumatic, cosmetic rather than cancer and I've already lost a breast so it's less of a big deal. I'm beginning to believe it's possible that I may look reasonably normal again under soft lights!

Day 21 - Back to hospital with a nasty yellow discharge from the holes in the Mastopexy scars on the unaffected boob; recon side sun ray pleated effect is behaving perfectly nicely and flattening out reasonably well. Plastics Nurse stated that I have 3 abcesses on the scars: two on the vertical and one on the scar around the areola. More AB's were prescribed and I return to have them reviewed in a week. Bruising still pronounced on the "good" boob - other side no visible bruising but tender, pre-menstrual sensation. Still got really sore ribs - not sure why!