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Life After The Tablet Era - LATTE

by PA

After thinking I would never finish the five years of tablets, here I am, over six months from taking the last one.
I was on Tamoxifen for roughly half the time, then Arimidex.

I still get slight 'warm moments', nothing as strong as hot flushes. The oncologist said they can continue for 6 to 12 months.

I have had no stiffness in my fingers and my trigger finger is a long memory.

The only noticeable stiffness is in the morning and mostly in my back. However it disappears soon after. I put it down to age.

I had one cystitis attack earlier this year. I tried to cope, hoping it would pass, but after 5 days I had to go to the doctor to get the antibiotics which worked immediately. During my tablets, cystitis caused me several anxious days.

Another problem I had with tamoxifen was an eye infection. However I was also on a multivitamin at the time, and the infection cleared up after I stopped the multivitamin.

I went for my usual eye checkup in January, and I was told my eyesight was improving. How lovely to be told something is getting better!