Supporting women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer


by mg

When told my bc was ER+ (8 / 8) and PR+ (6 / 8), I knew I would need hormonal therapy. To help me choose, I took a number of factors into account, including negative nodes and no vascular invasion, in spite of being weakly HER2+ (FISH 2.71). I am an anomaly in this respect ...

In addition, I drew up a list of pros and cons between tamoxifen and anastrozole, taken from the BCC leaflet at the time.

I could have chosen an AI (being postmenopausal at dx), but after evaluation of all the info, decided to go with tamoxifen, which I have taken for three years now, and so far, so good ...

Also, I was told by my BCN, that tamoxifen mimics your natural menopause, and as I was fortunate enough to sail through mine (with no sweats and few flushes), this was another deciding factor. The lady was right - I have had absolutely no side effects from this drug whatsoever, and count myself very lucky, as I know many women have an awful time on tamoxifen.