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Hickman lines

What our members think about Hickman lines

I had a Hickman line in, which i looked after myself, did all the flushes was ok and made it easier to have my chemo
It really doesnt hurt when it is fitted or removed.


I had a Hickman line fitted halfway through chemo as finding a workable vein was getting very hard.
They tried to fit a PICC line after my 2nd chemo but failed on 2 attempts so by the next chemo they organised the hickman line and apart from the weekly flushes, I had no problems.

Try not to worry about infection too much - if you're rigorous about hygiene then it shouldn't be a problem, but even if you get a problem, your doctors can deal with it.



I never really noticed it after about a week. ( I didnt miss it either when I had it removed!!!) I had it in for so long because I had Herceptin during Chemo and again after my mast.

I showered every day!! Mine was covered with with a clear plastic dressing. These can tolerate 3 showers, mine used to last some times 5 showers. If you stand with your back to the shower and never allow the water to directly land on the line you should be OK.

I had chemo before my mast so wasnt doing arm exercises but I contiuned to use my arm as normal. When I first had it fitted I had a numb arm for a while but this soon resolved. I was given my first chemo within the hour of having it fitted......I was petrified!!!!

It wont be long before you forget you even have one in.....honest.

If I could have my time again I would have a portacath, but this option was not offered.