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doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide (AC) doxetaxol
carboplatin & paclitaxel

By Rj

I have been quite greedy !! My cancer wasnt hormonal or Her2 so here goes......

Diagnosed Feb 2007. Fully explained what would happen. Had ct scan,bone scan and was phoned by bc nurse as soon as she had results.

3 weeks later started on doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide ( Ac ). After 12 days had sore eyes but otherwise OK except it dries up mucous. No ear wax, dry nose and horrendous to open bowels as no natural lubrication. Like trying to pass lumps of coal even though not constipated.Sorry but you wanted the facts.!!!

12 weeks later postponed for 1 week, low Hb
Scan showed tumour had not shrunk as much as hoped so switched to Doxetaxel.

Very tired, aching ankles.

August 2007 mastectomy and 17 lymph nodes removed.

November 2007. Carboplatin and Paclitaxel.

After 6 weeks chemo cancelled, platelets and Hb low. 3 pints blood transfusion. Injections to boost white cell count.and postponement of chemo on and off for next 6 weeks.

When I started chemo I was given a voucher for a wig which looked fab. Cut my hair short and as it started falling out shaved it off. I didnt mind but did not go out without my wig. I felt worse when eyelashes and eyebrows fell out but went to Maggies centre and was shown how to apply make up.

With the love of my husband I do not mind the mastectomy.

Had a reconstruction and tweeked the other breast to match in Aug 2008

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