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DEXA scan

by S

A DEXA scan is done to check your bone density. Those of us on aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex can experience loss of bone so a check needs to be made every couple of years. The actual timings will be decided by your doctors but it doesn't hurt to remind them when you think you are due for one.

If you have to have a scan this is the nice one. Wear clothing without any metal fastenings and you won't even need to undress.

First you get weighed and they measure your height - thats the nasty bit over with.

They scanned 2 areas, my left hip and part of my spine.

First I had to lie on my back on a bed - the really nice part was the soft cube for me to rest my legs on. If you have done pilates my legs were in the position for the hundred - thighs at right angle to the hip and calves at right angles to the thigh - only nicely supported so very comfortable. A narrow arm then moved slowly over the spine from the hip upwards. The bed has a slight clunk with each movement of the machine.

The next position was without the support. First my left leg was positioned pulled partly over to the left and a rice bag used to support it. Then my right leg was moved close to it and the 2 feet fastened together to support the left foot at the required angle. This wasn't uncomfortable. The machine then scanned my hip area.

And that was it - quick and easy - in fact a pleasant rest :) All done in under half an hour.

The results took a few months to arrive as that is the bottleneck in my area.