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by rb

The procedure was very similar to the bone scan as it also involves a radioactive injection.

Before the MUGA scan there is a first small injection to increase the receptivity of blood to the radioactive material, then a 30 minute or so wait and then the radioactive injection as above, then a short wait before going in to the scan room.

Again I lay on a narrow table which was raised into position. I kept my clothes on. The radiographer attached a series of electrodes to my chest with sticky pads - a couple over the heart area and a couple on the ribs (as for an ECG). The electrodes had cables running from them. The scanner was at a right angle to me beside my chest. It may be positioned towards you at an angle, but not as close as the scanner for the bone scan. The radiographer asked me to lie still as the machine was switched on. The scan took 10 - 15 minutes. A radiographer was in the room all the time - and chatted to me throughout.