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Long Term Mastectomy Pain

by r

I have 3 kinds of pain. I only realise this because I had to fill in a questionnaire for the pain clinic and it forced me to think about it objectively - before that I just thought everything hurt!

1. in armpit - exactly as if I was leaning hard onto a broom handle. This one goes away when I do MLD

2. in ribs on surgery side, but this one has got a lot better (surgery Aug 2007) and only hurts when I lie on that side (so I don't).

3. neuropathic pain below the mastectomy scar. This one is like a smarting sore from a burn and if I touch it or knock it, it's a stabbing pain for a long while afterwards.

It's pain number 3 that causes me the trouble. It's better with bra and prosthesis on during the day, but keeps me awake at night.

There - moan over. I just wish this was more recognised and we could get treatment more easily.