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Types of Pain



I had a mastectomy in 2004 and have still got nerve pain



I'm not sure if this counts as pain - but it's definitely high on the extreme discomfort scale! The whole area where the breast was removed "lights up" as if I have the worst sunburn ever, and I can't bear to have anything touching it. Happens every couple of days or so, lasts about 5-10 minutes and gradually fades.

I asked if it could be a leftover from the radiotherapy in 1991 for the first breast cancer I had, but the surgeon and breast care nurse say no - but couldn't offer any suggestions or improvements.



As for pain from surgery yes nerve pain for which I take Gapabentin which is more effective some days than other. I did initially experience high levels of rib pain which I was told was from rads. I was at a later stage dx with mets in that area.



My pain is in my side on the side of my mastectomy and later LD reconstruction. It's like someone has stuck a blunt object into my ribs. I also get pain 'inside' my reconstructed breast. My surgeon says it is caused by 'late scarring' 2 years after my LD reconstruction. It seems to be worse when I have overused my arm and I think there is a little lymphoedema under my arm as well.



My breast has been painful since wle almost 5 years ago. The pain is mostly due to lymphodema in the breast itself, and pain in my ribs on the operated side, which goes round the side of my body under my armpit.

MLD has helped the lymphodema temporarily but the pain remains.


m1 :

I had lumpectomy 5 years ago and have a very sharp pain like cramp on bending.