Supporting women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer


D :

Over the years I have had so many pains related to surgeries but they all have passed eventually even if it took years! The one problem I did have - again not exactly pain - has been that of cramps around the chest area from the surgery site round to the back and sometimes a feeling of being held in a steel band right round.

Interestingly because of the current pain problems which seem to be totally neuropathic, I am on amongst other things, 25mgs amitriptyline taken in the evening and that has resolved all those 'discomforts' including the dreadful cramps/spasms I have suffered in my hands and feet for the past couple of years. I now need to find how low a dose I can take of it and still benefit from that.


R :

I take 10mg of amitriptyline between 7 and 8 pm at night. I find it very helpful, although I'm not entirely sure whether it's the pain relief that's working or that it knocks me out! I like myself a lot more when I can get a reasonable night's sleep...


J :

I have Amitriptyline started on 10mg then needed 25mg and now am on 50mg I wonder how high you can go for pain relief. I find it works really well